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Results Guaranteed

This is NOT Pay Per Click

This is a site created to pull traffic from the organic or natural listings in a search engine. You won't have to sign up for some pay per click marketing program or have to spend any additional money on marketing the site if you don't want to.

It Works, Enough Said

Site is designed to conform to the latest standards set forth by the search engines, web standards, and most importantly customers. Enjoy high conversions and more customers generated with very little upfront costs.

No Tricks It's Really Yours

All you have to do is pick a domain name and hosting provider. This can be arranged as well if you need help. I don't choose to provide hosting myself but know of a great provider with even better prices. How does $4 per month sound? I currently have 8 sites that get 1000-2000 visitors a month and it only costs me $20 per month. Yahoo is running a special on domain names for new customers. $2.99 per year(hint- prepay for as many years as possible).

Hard Work Always Pays Off

I will provide a list of directories to list your site in. If you do what I tell you and don't do anything illegal or unethical you will enjoy steady traffic from the major search engines. More importantly you will convert them into customers.

Multiple Ways To Make Money

Very targeted. Very Effective. Can easily be converted to an Adsense site for extra income from Google advertising.

It's Easy To Learn

I will work with you to get the site off the ground after that you are on your own. I will be letting you in on some of the best and easiest to use SEO secrets. You can easily use the site and make as many sites as you want.

Really a 100% Money Back Guarantee

I must verify that you did nothing illegal and that you communicate all your website information with me for the first six months for the money back guarantee. Any funny business will void the guarantee. I only do business with honest people. Don't contact me with plots and scheme ideas. I won't tolerate it. Guarantee is fulfilled when your website is listed in the top 20 sites on Yahoo, MSN, or Google for your targeted keywords within the first six months. Search Engine algorithms change therefore I do not guarantee sites after this time.

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