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What is Search Engine Optimization?

The art/science of getting top listings in the most popular search engines. In our opinion it is the proper optimization of a website to make it conform to the latest standards and best practices in website design and implementation. Which directly affects the search engines ability to index your website pages. With good design and great content a search engine will gladly list your website high in the search results. There are no special tricks needed. With good marketing and proper use of available tools I will get you listed in no time.

Why does my website need it?

85% of internet users go directly to a search engine to find information when they get on the internet. If you can't find your website for keywords people actually use. You are missing out on the majority of traffic your website could potentially receive being optimized. Search engine optimization gets your website top rankings in the free organic listings in search engines like Google and Yahoo. I don't personally use pay per click on my websites and probably never will.

How much does it cost?

That depends on the level of search engine optimization you need. I provide website services from complete designs from the ground up, to seo consulting with other computer service providers, to helping a stay at home mom with a home business.

Prices start as low as $250 so you can't afford to wait. You will see results with all optimization programs offered.

Do I have to sign up for a long term contract?

Not if you don't want to. Typically search engine algorithms change every few months however as I stated before we don't do anything but properly design your website. So regardless of the current trend with search engines you will still rank highly for your chosen terms because you have a valid content rich website that many people frequently visit. You won't be subjected to the swings that spammers and black-hat seo's experience.

Another point to consider however is sites that have fresh new content added on a regular basis convert more traffic into clients. So should you choose you can sign up on a longer term agreement or have me premake them for use on a later date.

What sets your optimization service apart?

No promises of getting rich quick. No overnight solutions or special relationships with backdoor search engine spammers. No secret ultra sensitive tricks to get you the best possible short term outcomes. Sorry nothing spectacular to say accept that I create websites the right way. And apparently this is an unusually rare event in the world wide web. According to Google the majority of websites don't even include the main ‹html› and ‹body› tags. We will properly design or redesign your website to conform to the latest accepted standards needed for search engine optimization. As a matter of fact clients saw an increase in traffic from the recent Google updates.

Will I have to change my website?

Yes and No. You don't have to change anything. Most of the time websites are perfectly fine the search engine just can't see what is there. All that needs to be done is change the underlying code to a better format. However if you want we can completely update a page to look more appealing. If your content is not optimized it will be in your best interest to drastically change your site. But again I won't have to change the appearance unless you want to.

What if my website already gets good traffic?

Could you use more traffic? Perhaps there are some additional keywords and search terms you could be using. I am an expert in coming up with good targeted keywords and phrases for your website.

How long does it take to see a difference?

Mileage may vary. We can pretty much tell you ahead of time how much of an increase to expect over time. If your website has been around for several years it will work faster than if you are starting a site from scratch.

Don't, I repeat don't use any service claiming to be able to list your site faster than several months. They don't work and can actually hurt your rankings over time. Your site will be listed in the first several weeks however will take time to rank for some phrases.

I know a company that will submit to 400 search engines for $35 per year.

I know we all get those emails. The thing is most major search engines actually state in their guidelines that the submit functions are deprecated and they will find you if your site is accessible. My typical method is to make a page as good as it can possibly be then submit once. I have never submitted more than once and all the sites I currently manage are spidered 2-4 times per week.

Most search engines either actively block or penalize search engine submission software users.

Is this guaranteed?

I have yet to fail however I assume that one day I will come across a competitive market that will take a little more to defeat. However as to date every client I have dealt with has seen significant increases in traffic and most importantly more clients from that traffic.

If you have done everything I have recommended and still haven't received any traffic within 6 months I will return all your money without question.

What about pay per click?

I don't necessarily dislike pay per click. I have contemplated it many times however have never been forced to use it. I understand it is very successful for the search engines and how Google and many others makes a lot of money from it. I do know of companies making money with pay per click. The way I look at it though is if you can get the organic traffic for free and more people look at those listings anyway...why would you want to pay for all those clicks? Do the math after a couple of months and see how much money you save just on clicks.

I will however work with you as a seo consultant to pick the best keywords and optimize your site should you choose to engage in a pay per click campaign.

How important are links to my site?

Very, but this is a double edge sword. Inbound links from quality websites can greatly increase your image to the search engines not to mention bring traffic of their own. However paying for links is being looked at negatively more and more by the search engines. Google knows if a directory is made up of nothing but paid links then they don't really have an unbiased honest vote for the quality or relevance of that page. And if you only get links from paid links or try to trick the search engines with a link swap scheme of pretty much any kind you can lose your rankings forever.

Quality inbound links take time and honestly come naturally. I have a site that has been up for 3 years and only has around 20 inbound links and ranks well for its terms. Another site in an industry with a lot of buzz and forum sites has hundreds of backlinks in just under 1 year. If you had to do anything to get the link it probably won't benefit you.

The only exception to this rule is the Yahoo Directory and DMOZ. Getting listed in these are very difficult but when you do traffic and links are plentiful and everything is easier. After I work on your site it will conform to their guidelines and get accepted to both directories. However these are Human Edited Directories so editing times will vary.

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