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Fully Optimized Website Design Services

All the search engine optimization in the world only works if you have a quality content rich website. We will design and code any type of website you choose. As long as it is legal. If you need a thousand page E-Commerce website or a 10 page personal website we can customize a solution to meet your needs.

Works in Firefox and Internet Explorer

We code all are websites with valid XHTML. Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional This standard is accepted by the W3C who is an authority on website validation and standards. We force all browsers to conform to our own set of display rules. Therefore you don't have to settle for catering to just one browser. Your website will function the same in Firefox as it will in Internet Explorer.

No Javascript

There are better ways of accomplishing the same things. You don't have to bog down your website with images and scripts to have an interesting and interactive website. A little can go a long way with the proper techniques.

We use the latest in XHTML with CSS stylesheets. On occasion we will throw in some Flash and even a little PHP. All these programs are well known and excepted in the web community as the standard for successful websites.

No Frames

Frames are unnecessary on a commercial website and can kill an SEO campaign. They can also be very confusing to web surfers if not used correctly. There are new and better ways to produce the same results.

We use advanced CSS coding techniques when designing websites and can attain almost any effect or layout that is required by your needs. Let us know what your website ideas are and we can probably make it a reality.

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